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Keeping your garden neat and tidy is so much easier when you have the right tools for the job! Here at Urunga Chainsaw & Mower, we stock a massive range of gardening equipment, outdoor power tools and accessories. Whether you’re trimming hedges or pressure washing your farm vehicles, visit our store in Urunga. We’ve got solutions to all of your outdoor power tool needs throughout Coffs Harbour, the Mid North Coast and surrounds.

We work with homeowners, rural landholders and professional gardeners throughout the region. We stock a great range of high-performance Stihl products and accessories as well as a variety of other leading brands. Our experienced team can also help out with repairs and maintenance. For all enquiries, get in touch on (02) 6655 6411.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This usually depends on how long you’ve had your equipment, how many hours a day you’ve been using it, and how often you’ve had it serviced in the past. Check your machine’s operations manual for the recommended running time. Single-cylinder engines generally require maintenance every 25 hours of use, while twin-cylinder engines should be serviced after 40 hours of use. Blades must always be kept sharp for safe and efficient cutting.

Most gardening tools should be sharpened towards the end of the winter season or towards spring, depending on use. Pruners and hedge trimmers must be sharpened after every 50 hours of use, while heavy equipment like lawn mower blades are sharpened after every 25 hours of use.

Novice gardeners are advised to invest in basic gardening tools such as a trowel, pruners, shovel, garden hose, weeding tool, pruning saws and a basic hand-pushed lawn mower. Small lawn mowers are very easy to handle even for beginners and are easier to maintain.